Sasha Romanov


Commissarial Dossier:

Trooper Sasha Romanov is one of the esteemed Vostroyan Firstborn, and proudly wears the colors and regalia of her homeworld. While one of the newer recruits, she is quite friendly, though she has a tendency to espouse the virtues of her homeworld. She is rather tall, standing at almost two meters, and can be almost always found maintaining her equipment. One would think that she is almost homesick from the collection of objects and keepsakes she maintains, but Romanov insists that she is simply a proud Vostroyan Firstborn, no matter with whom she is serving.


Possessing an uncanny sense for protective fire, the subject is extremely skilled in firing not for killing effect, but for covering her teammates. She works best in a group, as her twitch reflexes are second to none. Her skill at manipulating enemy formations by placing suppressive fire is extremely valuable, making her an invaluable part of the unit.


In spite of knowing more than most Tech-Priests about maintenance rituals and weaponry, subject refuses to use any firearm not manufactured on Vostroya, and will only grudgingly use explosives manufactured elsewhere. Additionally, she occasionally forgets her own position as she is covering her teammates, exposing herself to unnecessary risk in the process of protecting her squad.

Sasha Romanov

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