Rebecca Ravensdale


Commissarial Dossier:

Praetoria is known as one of the richest planets in the Imperium, and Major Ravensdale happens to hail from its nobility. However, in order to escape from an arranged marriage that she found distasteful, she stole a large amount of thrones and bought herself a commission in one of the mounted regiments that was shipping out. Luckily for those under her command, she took to it like a fish to water as she had been quite the equestrian during her civilian life. She distinguished herself in several occasions, but ran afoul of her original suitor. The details are somewhat murky, but said suitor found himself shot several times before being shipped back to Praetoria, barely alive.


Subject is an extremely skilled horseman, and her ability to not only perform mounted attacks but provide ranged fire on the move is impressive. She is also an accomplished scout, capable of establishing a perimeter and being aware of any enemy troop movements within a large area.


Subject is impetuous, and prone to attacking when such an action would be ill-advised. In addition, she tends to chafe if not given autonomous freedom in order to perform her objectives, and may disregard stipulations if she deems them unnecessary.

Rebecca Ravensdale

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