Michael Wagner


Commissarial Dossier:

Major Wagner is most notably the oldest member of the Razgriz. A veteran with many campaigns to his name, his most notable achievement is singlehandedly destroying a formation of Chaos Warhound titans in a Shadowsword tank. Hailing from Armageddon, Wagner has refused promotion multiple times. This can be attributed to the fact that he only wishes to concern himself to pushing himself, his crew, and whatever vehicle he commands to the absolute limit, rather than being concerned with the concerns of commanding troops or formations. In spite of this, he is fairly personable, willing to tell stories of his adventures.


Subject is, arguably, the finest tank commander I have ever personally witnessed. Several decades’ worth of experienced has honed his skill not only in tank warfare, but on how to instruct and command a crew in order to squeeze as much performance out of them as is possible.


Subject refuses to step outside of his tank in a combat situation, having claimed that if he ever makes a mistake, he deserves to perish in his vehicle for it. In addition, once set on a target, is highly inflexible in terms of strategy. Essentially, once he’s set on doing something, there’s very little someone can do to make him change his course.

Michael Wagner

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