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The Razgriz

When history witnesses a great change Razgriz reveals itself, first as a dark demon. As a demon it uses it power to rain death upon the land, and then it dies. However after a period of slumber Razgriz returns, its raven wings ablaze in majestic light. – Diviner Apolkos’ Last Prophecy

During the Inqusition’s long and storied history, there have been many attempts to raise private armies, due to the lack of subtlety that calling in the Militant section of the Ordos tended have. One of the most shadowy and new attempts at this has been Inquisitorial Task Force Razgriz, or to the members of the Guard that serve in this ad-hoc regiment, the “Ghosts of Razgriz.” Named after a peculiar prophecy, it was the belief of the Inquisitor that his own troops were to act like the mythical demon, serving both as dark bringers of death in the shadows and heroes of the Imperium when needed.

While the Regiment was intended to be purely bred and selected from Schola stock, Task Force Razgriz encountered severe manpower shortages due to the Inquisitor’s demand for not only the best of the best, but troops who could think for themselves. Not willing to settle for a small group of troops, the Inquisitor used every favor that they could call in, as well as some underhanded bribes and threats to cull the best from other Regiments, bringing them into the Inquisitorial fold. It is due to this that the Regiment has a rather ad-hoc feel to it, though all members of the Razgriz are of such high quality that after a brief period of time, they generally acclimate to their conditions and fight as a completely cohesive unit. In spite of small rivalries and minor behavioral issues due to the sheer amount of different cultures and traditions, in combat, the Razgriz are perhaps second to none, apart from the Astartes, but their ability to adapt and quickly gauge a situation give them the upper hand more often than not.


HQ Platoon:

Commanding Officer:
Captain T. Valerius

Company Commissar:
Commissar K. D’Arach

Lieutenant P. Harper

Corporal K. Galkin (Origin: Valhallan 45th Ice Warriors, Vox Operator)
Trooper S. Romanov (Origin: Vostroyan Firstborn XXVII)
Trooper H. Jenkins (Origin: Elysian 23rd Drop Troops)
Trooper L. Lovegood (Origin: Catachan 4th Jungle Fighters)
Trooper L. Arken (Origin: Cadian 524th Armored)
Psyker S. Artoro

Recon Platoon:

Major R. Ravensdale (Origin: 25th Praetorian Hussars)

Armored Platoon:

Major M. Wagner (Origin: 49th Armageddon Steel Legion, Tank Commander)

Other NPCs

Inquisitor Volusus
Ship Pilot and Captain Auri Tiberius

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