Luna Lovegood


Commissarial Dossier:

Hailing from, of all places, a Catachan regiment, one wonders how Trooper Lovegood even survived in that inhospitable place. Prone to striking up conversations about completely unrelated topics in the middle of lasgun fire or running for her life from a horde of tyranids, it still cannot be denied that she did indeed not only survive, but thrived in her environment. While she is not the most attentive of Guardsmen, her seemingly endless knowledge of flora and fauna cannot be denied, and perhaps it is for this reason she was picked by the Inquisitor for the Razgriz.


While the subject’s attention tends to drift, even in the middle of combat, she is quite capable of avoiding fire and returning it in due measure. Like all hailing from Catachan, has a very large fondness for sharp objects and the usage thereof. Is unflappable when confronted with any circumstance and has an encyclopedic knowledge of fieldcraft, vegetation, and animal life.


Subject’s tendency to talk about Catachan wildlife during combat is a major distraction, and she apparently has the attention span of a gnat. If not occupied, will often simply “zone out,” if not wander off to explore by herself.

Luna Lovegood

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