Katya Galkin


Commissarial Dossier:

An extremely quiet but somehow almost omnipresent Guardsman, Katya is the main Vox Operator for the Razgriz’s main force. She is also the closest thing to a communications expert in the company, and is generally responsible for getting information from one person to another, no matter the situation. The strangest thing is that she always seems to be around right before someone needs her, and while I have talked to the Inquisitor about any psyker potential, he has simply chalked it up to her being very good at her job.


Subject is an expert in coordinating information and establishing communication between any given unit of any size. Logistical difficulties are of little to no issue, and any incidents of friendly fire or miscommunication are all but eliminated if she is working the vox. Subject also has the knack of knowing who needs to pass on a message before they are aware they need to say something.


Subject is a mediocre combatant in the field, especially compared to the rest of the unit. Due to her place of birth as well as her poor constitution, subject possesses extremely poor endurance in any world that is above average temperature.

Katya Galkin

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