Harman Jenkins


Commissarial Dossier:

Put simply, Trooper Harman Jenkins is a coward, and it is my absolute belief that if it were not for his redeeming qualities, he would have been already been shot for cowardice. A brief examination of his service records, however, that said cowardice has saved the lives of his fellow Guardsmen, and it is for this reason that he has been recruited to the Razgriz. A Drop Trooper with an uncanny knack for figuring out all the possible dangers of a situation, Trooper Jenkins requires a stern hand to be kept in line, and perhaps the occasional threat of summary execution.


Subject is adept at contingency planning as well as scouting for anything that would pose a danger to his personal well-being. He is able to immediately point out the dangers of any given position or plan of action at a glance and is ever vigilant to any surprises or traps that may lie in wait.


Subject, for lack of a better term, is a complete coward and will constantly attempt to avoid combat at all costs. When pressed into a firefight, he will choose the course of action with the smallest amount of risk, even if said action is worse in the long term.

Harman Jenkins

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