As it stands, I found myself in need of a personal troop of soldiers, yet I found myself annoyed with the regular forces the Schola churns out on a regular basis. While troopers that follow commands to the exact letter are all well and good, I simply do not have the time to babysit a bunch of living weapons. I want soldiers, not servitors, and so I have hand-recruited a selection of Guardsmen whose dossiers have indicated that they have thinking ability above and beyond ‘shoot it with a lasgun’ and ‘put the pointy end of bayonet into the enemy,’ though it bears mentioning that a good number of them are adept at such tasks. I have also procured a vessel so that they may deploy at a moment’s notice, though I suspect it will take some time for all of them to be acquainted with their new occupations. Indeed, due to the specific nature of the individuals I am looking for, discipline and morale may be an issue, however, I believe that such a force will be a highly effective tool.

On further contemplation, I believe I have the perfect commander. I should have known that the best candidate was hiding right under my nose…

Only War: The Razgriz

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